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Mobilight 4

Apelabs® Mobilight 4

The new Mobilight 4 bathes any room in spectacular light. 
You can use it as a wall wash or create changing light effects, color gradients, solid colors and programs. 

The new included optics can sustain an angle of 1 to 160 degrees. The add-on lens' can be used in various ways and adheres to surface by a high strength magnet. You can draw outlines on the wall or turn the lens and create an over-all illumination. It can provide laser style effects. No matter what kind of light effect you wish to create, Mobilight 4 will help you do it. 

The new Mobilight 4 is extremely light (1,8kg) and very compact. There is no annoying setscrew for adjusting the inclination anymore, on the contrary, the add on lens can be moved on the surface. This is sufficient to project lights on walls in every wanted angle. 

The new Mobilight 4 setup is made within seconds. Commercially available NiMH batteries guarantee smooth operation! An integrated charge processor regulates charging technology in order to charge the batteries carefully and persistently. The device also offers a built-in protection for deep discharging and standby current is reduced to such an extent that even months later, battery power, after loading, still achieves more than 90% of its total capacity.

  • Ready for wireless dmx/wireless solution & lumen radio
  • integrated wireless DMX ape labs
  • adjustable light angle by sliding technology (no pivot – super easy setup)
  • Add-on lens usable in both ways
  • Add-on lens stick by the use of super strong magnet (in both ways)
  • Add-on lens alterable in focus (1 – 160 degrees)
  • classic wash light
  • 3 pixel system - each chip can be controlled individually
  • preprogrammed effects, solid colors, dimmable
  • robust full-aluminium housing
  • Mobilights synchronize amongst themselves (Each Mobilight 4 is also
  • a remote control)
  • each Mobilight 4 is transmitter and receiver at once
  • transmission of WDMX signals to DMX cable output
  • group settings possible
  • splashproof
  • road proof
  • compatible with many other APE LABS products
  • battery charge in Mobilight

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